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Advance Spring Boot Projects, Understand Why?

Aug 02 (Mon) to Aug 7 (Sat), 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM GMT+5:30

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Spring Boot is a brand new framework from the team at Pivotal, designed to simplify the bootstrapping and development of a new Spring application. The framework takes an opinionated approach to configuration, freeing developers from the need to define boilerplate configuration. In that, Boot aims to be a front-runner in the ever-expanding rapid application development space.

Spring Data JPA, part of the larger Spring Data family, makes it easy to easily implement JPA based repositories. This module deals with enhanced support for JPA based data access layers. It makes it easier to build Spring-powered applications that use data access technologies.

Spring Data REST is part of the umbrella Spring Data project and makes it easy to build hypermedia-driven REST web services on top of Spring Data repositories.Spring Data REST builds on top of Spring Data repositories, analyzes your application’s domain model and exposes hypermedia-driven HTTP resources for aggregates contained in the model.

Here we are going to understand all this in-depth.

In this session you will learn:

  1. Spring Boot Introduction, Requirement And Its Features

  2. Spring Boot Project Creation , Project Structure

  3. Creating Rest API using Spring Boot

  4. Spring Data JPA Introduction, Managing Repositories Layer using Spring Data JPA

  5. Adding Custom Methods In Repositories

  6. Introduction To Spring Data REST, Sample Application Using Spring Data REST

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